Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Yes. I know there is no apostrophe in tacos.

For those of you who were embarrassed on my behalf.


Miss Templeton said...

Forgive the tangential intrusion, but I am hoping that you can pass along a message to Dr Murphy (who didn't take a laptop!) for me. He'd inquired about the source for an inaccurate story of how the band name for Horslips (I think you may have heard of them) "get explained (wrongly) as deriving from the name
of a "10th c. Irish warrior"?

Various theories were suggested (there's a horse-lipped warrior in the Tain), old rock critics were read, and then I'm afraid I'm the one that said "Oh, it was probably Wikipedia. And then it got corrected."

Meanwhile, I was working on my own pop-cult project of Horslips in America. It went live on July 4 and I've finally been reading through it! (When I'm working in Paint Shop Pro, text could be about sports or quantum physics for all I notice!) but, alas, there was the answer:

"Irish Rock and Roll with Roots in Mythology", San Francisco Bay Guardian, May 17, 1979

Quote: "Lockhart plays keyboards, flutes, whistles and does vocals in Horslips, an Irish rock and roll band which takes its name from a legendary Irish warrior, circa 900 AD."

The same piece gets a number of things slightly wrong, but from 1979, it predates the Wikipedia margin of error by quite a bit!

Again, apologies. But I feel badly that I overlooked the American material as source for his research.

Miss Templeton said...

Thank you for conveying this as quickly as you did! And again, apologies for the tangential drop-in here in your own blog.

To make further amends: I was walking by our Dummies/Frommers section here in the heart of Wiley-Land, and spotted the following:

MTV Ireland

With the first one I could grab in hand I went over to my friend Judy R and said "Hey, there's three copies of this over there. Can I have this one to send to a friend who is an Amazon.com reviewer that specializes in rock and roll and Ireland titles?"

Judy is no dummy herself: "Is he gonna review it?"

I batted that one back just over the net, without a moment's hesitation "We'll make him review it!"

He can slice it or dice it, but we'd grab a copy of that review and place on our publicity files. Further titles may come along.

This is just silliness to pass along, but the Doctor can take notes on his own travels with an eye to testing our travel guide's veracity!