Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A Blog Reader Who Doesn't Count on Me For Sex! (a fluke..)

Nice note from Clara who writes with that same unnamable sweet thing that attracts me to her and the splendid Riley:
This is my confession: Wait, before I give it I'll add to its value by telling you that it's my first confession in a really long time--months probably. I belong to the hide-your-little-peccadillo's school of living your life. Okay, my confession is this, and it may be hard to believe, but, I'd never actually read someone's blog before today. I only had a vague impression of what a blog was. I was intrigued by the part where you say that your blog is read by no one. I took that as a challenge, and so I read it.

Now, is it proper blog etiquette to respond to the stuff in it? I'm going to assume so. I'm really sorry about missing Iris's thing. I think it's great that you guys all came together for her. I'm sorry about the death thing, too. I have trouble being all zen and philosophical about death. Mostly I find it devastating when people die.

I'm glad you're getting rid of your flabby butt. I'm glad you found Josh.

It's really hot, isn't it? (I know that's a nonsequitor, but still, it is hot.)

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