Friday, July 13, 2007

The Murphy Boys at Jew Camp #4 Spud's 1st Day

Dear Niall,
I confess that my heart isn’t in watching baseball without you. I saw pictures of you scaling a rock wall and it looked like you were having a pretty good time. Are you remembering to use sunblock? Daddy and I spent a lot of money for you to waste even a second of the fun fun fun that we are trying to buy for you for a time out due to sunburn. Plus, sunburn hurts so it’s more than just money you know.

There were a number of pictures of you on the website with your helmet but there was only one picture of Leo who looked like he was being tortured. I bet he really is having some fun and I hope you are too. Have you found anyone at least to talk about sports with? I remember the good cool feeling of the pool there under the tall trees. It was greener when I was there before. I am sure they are talking to you like crazy about the drought…probably going on and on like Dad and I do about stuff like that to drive you out of your mind.

What are the kids in your cabin like? Is your counselor’s mental health to your satisfaction? Are you feeling ok and liking where you are? I sure hope so. I really miss you. Tell Leo that if he is mean to you I will paste one of those photos of him in the sink with Ana onto an email and make sure every kid in his cabin gets a copy. Just say the word.

Please please please write soon! Do you need anything? Is the food ok? Do you laugh a lot? (and you can sing if you want to—really, what goes on at JCA stays at JCA) and I hope the fresh air feels good to you.

I love you.

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