Friday, July 13, 2007

The Murphy Boys at Jew Camp #3 Leo's First Day

Dear Leo,

I always thought campfire was really cool. Do they still do funny skits and stuff? Are there some kids who actually have some musical talent? Live music with an open fire is a great life memory for me. This is why I'm looking so forward to Big Sur.

Are you having fun? Are you warm enough? I saw a picture of them torturing you on the rock wall there (note to whoever censors this for inappriopriateness: We paid a lot of money for this camp and even though the kid's name is Murphy, he is Jewish, A bar mitzvah even! What's with the rock wall? I expect to see more HAPPY pictures of my Leo on the website or next year he'll be camping with the Immaculate Sisters in Limerick and his dad can pack his duffel)

Don't worry Leo. I won't embarrass you by using any dirty words. Are there any cool kids or are they all dorks? Is brother ok? Tell him to shower and change his underpants. Does he seem happy? Are you happy?

Can’t wait to hear from you. (Note to camp letter censor—pass word that I authorize use of whatever force necessary to get this privileged child at your expensive camp to write his poor lonely mother).

Have a good Shabbat.
Your psycho mom.

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