Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Surrender Dirty Word Check! I Will Not Be Silenced!

This went through:

John safely ensconced in Eire for the next month and next I pack the sprats off to camp 7-10. Remodeling coming along but still in basement and floor there isn't even in yet. Received nice long note from your husband who seems happy and as always after a theatre production swears to be less high maintenance (you can check out the admissibility of e-mail as evidence in divorce court with the Gould-Saltman of your choice) but we know he is a lying piece of s*h*i*t* although based on Izzy and Maddie we also both know how well you've done by him despite other quirks which we will continue to moan about forwever.

Will you be at MB's Saturday? Do you still have that lime juice? Could you stand another mojito?
I have been waiting and waiting for you to call and drag my lazy ass on a walk but apparently you are still a lazy


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