Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I dropped Himself at the airport yesterday and was starting to choke up but I placed a love letter in his hand and bit my lip and then burst into sobs when the door slammed and he was gone from me. I said to Leo that I hope that in his life he loves someone as much as I love his father. The bed was so empty last night and today Ana will change the sheets and strip away the smell of him. I spoke to him this morning and from e-mail, "I type this next to Mary Immaculate--Colaiste Mhuire gan smal-- Mary in Irish gets her own spelling not the name of the ordinary girls or other saints as the BVM and she is without smear or stain..."

The rest is private. We are immaculate.

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Cari said...

You should leave the sheets on till he gets back. No need to be so thorough. I kept a sweater of my dad's unwashed for years, and the smell of him brought back memories anytime I needed them. I wish I'd never washed it, cos I now really need some essence of him to help me through very tough life issues.