Thursday, June 28, 2007

The People We Spend Our Lives With

This is Nick, the Budget dentist with whom I spent a delightful morning having my teeth spiffed up and photo opped. I apologize to the sweet girls in the office for not bringing pastry but the parking on Lake Avenue particularly sucked today. I hope you pay them well enough to afford an adequate breakfast given the fancy second home in Santa Barbara, across from the beach and all. Actually, the dental office, like Budget Films, has little turnover and I know the girls and their ups and downs having had plenty of quantity and quality time there for over twenty years so I am sure Nick’s employees, like mine, are loved and cherished like the family they are
I recounted several months ago on this blog the experience of Nick sending me off to an oral surgeon, who will remain nameless as I do know my boundaries, and I sensed was somehow broken and angry and just incapable of being as gentle as Nick in jamming a huge needle into my gums. Perhaps it is Nick’s voice, although it is a bit pitchy and is not a classically soothing voice and given to snorting laughter, that reassured me more than the distant, inaccessible oral surgeon. Funny, I spoke briefly on the phone to an architect in Northern California with whom I’ve corresponded for years and it was uncanny how similar to Nick he sounded. Sort of a "I am comfortable enough being hetero that I don’t have to maintain the discipline of keeping my voice in an artificial deep melodious register." A cute voice.
I do have to have another major session with the gruff oral surgeon but I have proposed to Nick a dental menage a’tois for which he will anesthesize me and then I will drive across Pasadena to let the nameless dentist do what only he can do. Fortunately, Nick said there was no urgency to schedule this triangle and that my dental health at moment is quite robust.
The second photo is the beam which will replace my children’s current bedroom wall which is now supporting our house. This is the hallmark of my new kitchen and in all the houses I have lived in or owned in my life this is the first time I have ever said "tear down a wall" and I pray it is done and clean and beautiful before my bershert returns.

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