Thursday, June 28, 2007

Erratum Typicus

From the Kaz, who apparently I underestimated and is able to not only live on her own like an adult but send and receive e-mail!
"I just re-read your beautiful discussion of your anniversary and marriage.You were married in 1991, not 1992 (always the savant...). I remembered that the first time I felt the babies move inside me was as Iwas getting ready for your wedding. Also, if you had married in 1992, youwould have already been knocked up and probably showing!Love,Kaz"

OK Kaz. This is the man who broke your heart. And for the first one of you who never read this blog ever, to name this sexy dude and provide all of the lyrics from the song "Honey" I will provide one dozen homemade cookies delivered to your door as soon as they can be baked in my new big dick oven. (Continential U.S. residents who never read this blog ever only please).


harry said...

Bobby Goldsboro

Cari said...

Looks more like Tony Orlando...?