Friday, June 17, 2016

Early Summer Haiku

Little aches and pains
when searched on the Internet
will prove terminal.

A little action
but my kid swims for Stanford
and boys will be boys.

Steal a candy bar
elsewhere in America
kiss your life goodbye.

Radical Jihad!
Ban all Muslims, forgetting,
Christian Dylann Roof.

Primaries kaput.
13 million vote Bernie.
Same number for Trump.

Pressed coffee and juice.
Is it worth twelve bucks to have
your drinks wrinkle free?

New in Silver Lake
First Whole Foods 365
Dystopic shopping.

And just what we need
one more twee and overpriced
vegan restaurant.

Spell checking haiku
It's “dystopian.”
Extra syllable.

Vegan survival
depends very much it seems
on gallons of beer.

Repulsed yet relieved
when sneaky dog helps herself
to cat box morsels.

Half Irish, half Jew
like my kids, but still can't help
but loathe Ben Stiller.

Fingers crossed here that
Stairway to Heaven trial means
hearing it never.

Finally at least
no more moments of silence
but filibusters.

The NRA buys
a ton of legislators.
Can't we outbid them?

Like Walter Cronkite,
we trust Anderson Cooper
who is much cuter.

is not about God's comfort.
It's mental illness.

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