Friday, December 11, 2015

Haiku for the Winter Solstice

Lots of lousy gifts.
Hanukah may be eight nights,
but it ain't Christmas

The house wreaks for days
hours degreasing the kitchen
but we love latkes.

I'm tired of tapas.
Tiny plates with wee portions
I resent sharing.

Endless long lines for
Black Friday sales and I-Phones
but never to vote.

All Trump, all the time
Fans loud but not that many
Hillary blissed out.

Weight Watcher's change up
reduces sugar and carbs.
Armed insurrection.

Dog catches latka.
when parents applaud wildly
The kid rolls his eyes

PhD husband.
Sets the table each night with
glass on the wrong side.

Twenty somethings can't pick up
beer bottles or shoes.

Bye bye to the drought?
El Nino is on the way!
Got flood insurance?

Only old crackpots
answer a landline and talk
when a pollster calls

Does terrorism
not apply to shooting up
a Planned Parenthood?

Bard memory class:
Great medical advancements,
but I forget them.

Here in Echo Park,
man bun, rescue dog, baby.
Hipster credentials.

Leave a single sheet
instead of changing the roll?
You're still an asshole.

Burly tattooed dude
out walking a chihuahua
in a pink sweater.