Friday, October 9, 2015

Another Week in Haiku

Hipster racism.
Skin color doesn't matter,
just eating fast food.

Now, post Columbine,
single digit mass shootings
just not newsworthy.

Senators drooling
to de-fund Planned Parenthood,
not immune from clap.

Ten dead in Roseburg.
Obama not welcome there.
Love guns more than kids.

Dumb Americans.
But not the worst of the worst.
Vladimir Putin

Heatwave in L.A.
Sports events and Obama
Thank God for Netflix

The Broad Museum.
His monument to himself
and ugly houses.

Mentally challenged?
The man performs surgery?
Ben Carson for Prez?

Donald Trump has peaked
now on to the next new thing.
Scads more bad choices

It is a comfort.
In first place four years ago
was Michelle Bachman

But you must admit
that Michelle Bachman's husband
is just fabulous

What's done in his name
by people who hate and fear
would make Jesus sad

And then there's Islam:
The infidels and women
Mohammed sad too.

Sheldon Adelson
won't let my people go.
No good for the Jews.

Kevin McCarthy
won't be speaker of the house.
Gingrich looks not bad

Except for murder,
there's limitations statue.
Bill Cosby relieved.

Achtung Volkswagen
We're sorry for our war crimes.
What's a little smog?

Grand Central Market.
But no one goes to Eggslut.
The line's way too long.

Dancing with the Stars.
Chaka Kahn first voted off.
Why not Paula Deen?

Just like a phoenix,
Clifton's Cafeteria!
Even green jello.

New season Homeland.
It all depends on Carrie,
On or off her meds?


John L. Murphy / "FionnchĂș" said...

Yes, "Carrie's Off Her Meds" is a great band name, we agree. I bet this will be a big blog hit, let's wait and see. xxx from me

Anonymous said...

"Carrie's Off Her Meds" sounds more like an off kilter Judy Blume book, but maybe that's just me.
It is not difficult to fall into the 'Americans are dumb' mindset these days,especially when listening to our venal politicians.
Then I remember the teenager who knocked over my would-be mugger while I waited for the subway. A bad ass gangbanger was my personal white knight that day.
Loved the Ben Carson remark,thought I was the only one scratching my head every time he speaks.