Friday, March 27, 2015

Haiku and Pandering

Another heatwave.
driving past the middle school
and kids in hoodies.

A theater of screens
Cinderella and cell phones.
Young girls on Facebook

March Madness. Big Hype.
Maybe worse than football and
preempts Judge Judy.

How many murders
did jinx Robert Durst commit?
JonBenet Ramsey?

Jon Hamm in rehab
Is there hope for Don Draper
to end up alive?

Who is Zayn Malik?
He quit from One Direction
Pre-teen girls mourning

“Tithe me a Lear Jet,”
Creflo Dollar to his flock.
Yes, the name is real.

Netanyahu wins.
Disheartening surprise.
Mom said Jews are smart

We were astonished
that Reagan was elected.
Watch out for Ted Cruz

Some chanting frat boys
learned on a leadership cruise
a charming ditty.

The kids are gone now
and I can travel the world
'cept I'd miss the dog.

Work all day on blog,
profound deep thoughts no one reads.
You prefer this crap.

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My own Damn Blog said...

I read your crap every weekend. It's crap worth reading.