Friday, March 6, 2015

East of La Brea Haiku Collection

Dads in day-glo vests
do morning safety patrol,
go home and get high.

Silverlake challenge
Prius in Trader Joe's lot
but which one is yours?

Whatever it is,
pressed juice costs more than cocaine
Couldn't be as fun.

In fancy sweater
Rags mingles at the dog park
and eats Cody's poop.

Big bucks for yoga,
always excruciating
plus it makes you fart.

Coffee snobbery,
highfalutin' baristas
don't even serve food.

Cal Arts graduates
drawing kitties in milk foam,
working in their field.

Plaid shirts.  Huge whiskers.
Abe Lincoln, Grizzly Adams.
No more soul patches.

Stokke Cruisi Stroller,
a must for Mommy and Me
costs more than a car

Sunday gathering.
at the weed clinic.

Nathan eats babka.
Sage has celiac disease
so she won't blow him.

Election run-off,
no Tom Labonge calendar
thanks to term limits .

Bud Cort at Gelson's.
Shoulda. Coulda. Woulda. But,
only Harold and Maude.

The walking man's gone.
Poster boy for skin cancer,
died in his hot tub.

because we need more gridlock,
let's rip up sewers.

Why the small plates thing?
Exotic Spanish tapas,
12 buck canned sardines.

Must build more condos!
I miss the Coffee Table,
even the bad food.

I meant to hate Squirl
heirloom eggs and eight buck toast.
Silly but tastes good.

Fixer upper rules:
Stainless steel appliances.
Horizontal fence.

I can't get worked up
about traffic and bike lanes.
My ass is too big.

Multiplex era.
Even the old Los Feliz.
Thanks God for Vista.
It's essential now
that vegetarian joints
serve quinoa and beer.

The Lyft and Uber
new sharing economy.
means we can get drunk.

Edgy screenwriter
dreams of hillside Neutra home
near Ivanhoe School.

A car full of dogs
left in Griffith Park lot while
walker eats at Trails.

The best happy place
is TJs sample table.
What more could you want?

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