Friday, December 26, 2014

2014's Last Bad Poem

Another year through which we've slogged.
The homefront loses cat and dogs.

The world's sorrows too increase.
We tortured for the sake of peace.
I only hope we see a time
to try Dick Cheney for war crimes.
November elections sure weren't mobbed
by folks who work at minimum wage jobs.
Cynicism it seems trumps fear
in the worst voter turnout in 72 years.

Worldwide tragedy, turmoil and crisis.
Fear of Ebola, ISIL (or is it ISIS?)
Putin's gone postal and insane in Ukraine
and will the Malaysians ever find that plane?

Robin Williams and Phil Seymour I miss a whole bunch.
Mr. Mickey Rooney, not so much.
But worst of all, I have to swear,
What will I do without Colbert?

Clamor and paranoia about cyber attacking.
But is Kim Jong Un smart enough for that hacking?
The Interview though is back down from the shelf
but would have been funnier had Un played himself.

There's freedom to marry in 34 states
but if you're black don't go out in a hoodie too late.
And if you want to study or learn a vocation,
don't be a girl in a number of places.

But here in the States we educate girls and they think.
Just don't let Bill Cosby prepare you a drink.
And if you're of color and don't wish to offend,
Don't pose for pictures with Donald Sterling's girlfriend.

A tough year, leaves us scarred and battered,
we grieve and chafe at a world in tatters.
A new age harkens, a change in the climate.
Now, inside your head is the only place private.
But for self-comfort, we don't have to go far
to score Denver pot and Cuban cigars.

1 comment:

mimi said...

I laughed
I cringed
I look at the future
And fight to stay hinged.

Love you , Laney!