Friday, November 22, 2013

This Week in Haiku

Fretting about the drought,
on a freeway in the rain,
everyone's an asshole.

Lean Pockets are gross
but lower in calories
so I eat seven

“I hate vegetables,”
says vegetarian spouse.
Make your own dinner.

Son at twenty-one
can buy liquor and gamble.
Still, life skills suspect.

Short line at Costco.
Rude lady fights with checker.
No time for hot dog.

Must scroll back to where
I last left off on Facebook
Seldom worth the time.

“Selfie” word of year.
Too embarrassed to take one
plus it's sure to suck.

Micromanage kids.
I am a Jewish mother.
At least I can cook.

I'm no heat lightweight
but I can't stand Sriracha.
Spicy dead body.

Drank too much coffee.
Gelson's on way to work.
Bathroom very clean.

Husband is miser.
Hides napkin to use again.
I throw it away.

Kids are coming home
I miss them so much that I
will gladly wash clothes.

Appointment canceled
with quarters placed in meter.
Husband is bereft.

With no GPS
my kids would surely perish.
Maps like ancient runes.

Drinking with girlfriends,
technically we're women.
We cackle like hens.

Confluence of holidays.
Lots of potatoes.

Cheap flights to London
Empty nest not so tragic
See you in two weeks.

1 comment:

John L. Murphy / "FionnchĂș" said...

I will have you know/ If a napkin is not used/ I save it again. (xxx me)