Sunday, February 3, 2008

Never Before Seen Photos! Husband doing Manwork.

Years ago I drove a student home with a large dresser she'd been working on in the adult school woodshop. She sighed, "I wish I had a husband to help me refinish it." I said, "I have a husband but he wouldn't do that." She nodded and said, "Yes, but your husband is an intellectual, ma'am."


FionnchĂș said...

Extant proof of my working-class origins, apparently, however botched and however much I have tried to escape them. My table manners, mispronunciations, and aversion to manual labor all betray me. The blue and green colors look great. Happy, if grudgingly, my small contribution (apart from my large financial investment) towards your dream kitchen's realization. xxx me

chris said... just need a big truck with a gun rack! Good thing you already have a "Staffordshire Terrier" to right co-pilot on trips to the lumberyard!

chris said...

oops...I meant ride...