Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Saddest Sadness So Far

My dad died this morning at about 3:30. Aliki and I were with him. It was peaceful. Our family and friends have been extraordinary.
We are sad and blessed to feel so much love.


Mimi Pond said...

Layne, I know how much you, John, and the boys loved Al. He was the best. I know how much you'll miss him.

robin.russin said...

So sorry for you. Al was a great guy; Hal (Sarah's dad) always asked after him and enjoyed visiting with him so much. I hope Leo and Niall keep talking about him, so their memories of him will stay fresh and clear.



FionnchĂș said...

I wish I could remember some of his dirty jokes now. Something to pass on to my sons! Al's sparkle lit up his eyes, his face, and his wit. He always seemed to hold his own grin a moment, like a stand-up comic. Show biz filled his mind-- the ability to retrieve where the clip was among thousands, the story about some starlet, the anecdote about some star, the time he met one of the celebs whose autographed photos filled his office. I liked the fact he cried, and that he passed on to his daughter and family his own admiration for what we in a few decades down here can accomplish to make others cry and laugh and sigh and reflect on this mess of our flailing, proud, life.