Friday, August 17, 2007

Mechanical and Mental Obstacles to Blogging

No laptop nor camera due to my own stupidity and I am dull and wordless anyway and we are remodeling. Will you wait for my words and pictures? I miss sending them out to you and look forward to getting back in the groove and posting the rest of my Big Sur pics soon. I owe more love and affection to the Goldberg and Smith families and I send a blast of fierce of healing love to Diana and to my Pop and to Aliki and to the sweet and savage hearts who reside with and close to me. I pray this quiet time will yield words worth writing and reading.
Namaste and Shabbat Shalom.

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FionnchĂș said...

Niall "crashes" the laptop, the mystery cable umbilically connecting camera to such vanishes, the house fills with dust and the air with same, your husband contemplates Joyce, French philosophy, and Pierre Klossowski's ideas of the monstrous intimacy & inverted monotheism not to mention "overturning the tables" in Talmudic exegesis and the misreading of Genesis 19 by Christians the past millenium. In effort to set all upright again, he types under two fans, thanking you for the chance to live with rarified if inchoate thoughts he struggles to generate amidst the chaos of creation that you so doggedly supervise. Yes, together we will triumph over adversity. xxx me