Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Murphy Boys at Jew Camp #1-Your Kid is a Liar

From the Camp JCA Shalom Literature:
Interpreting Letters from Home:
There's never enough food REALLY MEANS I had four grilled cheese sandwiches and they wouldn't give me a fifth.
I hate this place. I hate this place. I hate this place, I hate this place REALLY MEANS I'm angry because I had a fight. I'm O.K. I'm just blowing off steam.
I have a terrible fever and the nurse wouldn't do any thing REALLY MEANS I went to the infirmary with a 99 degree temperature. The nurse told me to come back at evening sick recall to be checked again.
They told me you called about NOT writing letters REALLY MEANS I told the Camp Director that I wrote six last week. To Aunt Selma, Grandma Helen, Aunt Millie, Cousin Fred and Harry.
Dear Mom and Dad, Broke My Legs, Love David REALLY MEANS "Gotcha. You care." (Camp would call if even an x-ray were taken).

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